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Advanced Placement

DeSales High School is an all-male, post-secondary preparatory Catholic school dedicated to providing a personalized education to shape young men to be the responsible leaders of tomorrow.
To meet this goal, DeSales High School strives to deliver the highest standards in each of these areas:
  • Challenging, engaging studies
  • Personalized learning environment and education programs
  • Individualized attention to the social needs of each student
  • Small class sizes allowing for low teacher-to-student ratio
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Dedication to God’s call to serve one another
  • Commitment to the personal success of each student —inside and outside of the classroom

DeSales offers core classes, traditional classes, and a wide variety of elective courses to prepare students for post-secondary success. Each student is provided a unique and personalized educational path to graduation, challenging every student at their specific academic levels.

DeSales has something to offer every student from the largest variety of AP & Dual Credit Courses to an award-winning Learning Differences Program.
Advanced Placement Courses
  • AB Chemistry
  • AP World History
  • Biology
  • Computer Science A
  • Government & Politics
  • Human Geography
  • Physics I
  • Spanish
  • US History