New Scholarship Benefits Students with Learning Differences

Learning Resources Coordinator Mrs. Laura Pohlmann knows how living with dyslexia affects students, but it isn’t just because she works with students with learning differences daily. “My dad and bothers struggled with dyslexia. It wasn’t until my dad was in his 30s that he learned that his condition was called dyslexia,” said Pohlmann. 

Pohlmann’s father, William Schultz, became the first adult to enroll in a model program operated by the Kentucky Association for Specific-Perceptual Motor Disability. The program was established to help individuals with dyslexia master necessary skills. It was in this program that Mr. Schultz thrived and eventually began tutoring other students.

Mr. Schultz’s ties to DeSales extend beyond his daughter teaching here and sons graduating from DeSales (Ben Schultz '80 and Patrick Schultz '84).  In the early 1960s, Principal Father Jude was instrumental in helping Mr. Schultz make progress in his education and reading with dyslexia.

In 2019, Pohlmann honored her father and his legacy by establishing the William B. Schultz Scholarship at DeSales High School. “Just like my father, I know that students who have learning differences are capable of great things if given the support. The William B. Schultz Scholarship honors my dad’s memory and his contributions in educating students with learning differences,” continued Pohlmann.

After 40 years in education, including 14 years at DeSales, Pohlmann knows that some of the smartest students have a learning difference. “My goal is to give each student I work with the skills to be successful. I implement teaching strategies that address their different learning styles so they can reach their potential,” said Pohlmann.

The William B. Schultz Scholarship is a $1000 need-based award granted as a scholarship to one incoming DeSales High School senior in good academic standing who has a learning difference. The criteria include that the student embraces his learning difference and is actively developing self-advocacy skills.

To contribute to the William B. Schultz Scholarship, or to establish a named scholarship, please contact the DeSales Advancement Office at 502-368-6519.