Get to Know Aaron Dauenhauer '10, DeSales Math Teacher & Football Coach

When Aaron Dauenhauer accepted the position of math teacher at DeSales High School in the fall of 2019, the staff and faculty of DeSales were ecstatic. The 2010 alumnus and assistant football coach has been nationally recognized for his work with successful student intervention and professional learning communities.
Mr. Dauenhauer brings an innovative approach to teaching along with a passion for his work and our school. From the beginning, Mr. Dauenhauer has stepped up to lead our junior team and joined our Merton Leadership team.
"The teachers, coaches and support staff at DeSales all had a major impact on me while I was here, and I wanted to be able to give back to a place that is special to me. Walking the halls as a teacher brings back great memories. I want to help the students create memories and bonds like the ones I made when I was a student," said Mr. Dauenhauer.
This year, he has enjoyed building relationships and watching the guys develop into the men they will become. "I have only been here for a short while as a teacher, but I believe the most positive impact I have seen has been the teachers and the support staff. They are driven and are always wanting to try new things or change existing ways to make high school a better experience for our students. The amount of true compassion they have for their students cannot be measured."
Looking toward the future, Mr. Dauenhauer sees DeSales continuing to develop and take on initiatives in the education field. DeSales will continue to be a school where each student is given the individual time they need and continue to stay true to themselves with faith, brotherhood and tradition.
Each day, Mr. Dauenhauer learns as much from the students as they learn from him. "They are an amazing and interesting group of kids that have so much to offer." Years down the road, he hopes that the students he teaches remember him as someone they could count on and that there was fun and excitement beyond the math lesson.
If you catch Mr. Dauenhauer outside of school, you will probably see him sporting DeSales gear. From shorts to shirts, pants to jackets, and ties to hats, he may own more brown, white and orange than anything else. And if you do see him out in public, stop him and ask him about DeSales. He'll chat about how much he loves it here.
Fast Facts about Mr. Dauenhauer

Personal mantra: Keep on keeping on
What would others be surprised to find out about you?
I love Disney.
What is your proudest moment at DeSales?
I have two proud moments, winning the state championship, twice, and accepting the position to teach here.
What were you like as a student?
You could list me as a geek and a jock. I focused on my school, as well as sports. I was involved in a lot of clubs and was my senior class president. I had been told by upperclassmen to enjoy it and be involved, so that's what I did.
How do you spend your summer breaks?
I spend most of my time at DeSales coaching football, but I always take a vacation with my wife for at least one week.
If you could take the students on a field trip anywhere in the world, where would you take them?
I would love to take them on a cross country trip. It would allow them to see all the amazing things this country has to offer. I also believe it would let them see all that is possible for them.
What is your hidden talent?
Graphic designing and woodwork.
Why should alumni and friends support DeSales?
Being an alumnus myself, I know that supporting this place is a priority for many. I think the main reason alumni should support DeSales is because of the impact it made on their lives, just like me. The friendships, the bonds, the memories, the current students are all reasons to support DeSales.
If you could switch roles with anyone at DeSales, who would it be and why?
I would switch with Dr. Blackwell. I have seen the school as a student and a teacher, but I would love to see DeSales from his point of view.
What is your most significant achievement to date - personal or professional?
My most significant personal achievement would be marrying my best friend, LeeAnn. I have a tie for my biggest professional success. It would be between winning the Today's Catholic Teacher "2018 Innovations in Catholic Education Award for Curriculum and Instruction" or winning the 2019 "Catholic Education Foundation Innovation Award."