DeSales Prepares for Governor's Scholars Program

Individualized education at DeSales affords opportunities to provide specialized attention to students at all levels, including students who are candidates for the Governor’s Scholars Program. Established in 1983, the Governor’s Scholars Program (GSP) strives to enhance Kentucky's next generation of civic and economic leaders through a five week summer residential program that immerses an incoming senior in a college experience.

 Assistant Principal Mr. Aaron Gottbrath ‘06 leads the charge to prepare interested students at DeSales for this summer program. “GSP provides high-achieving high school students with a valuable experience. They are exposed to new people, ideas, and cultures while given the freedom of living in a college dorm and taking care of themselves," said Mr. Gottbrath. 

 One component of the selection process includes an evaluation of the student’s volunteer experience. “Throughout the year, students are involved in community-focused activities from tutoring at-risk youth to volunteering in hospitals and soup kitchens. As an applicant to the Governor’s Scholars Program, our leadership-focused volunteer program allows DeSales students to stand out in a way that complements their academic success,” continued Gottbrath.

 On the state-wide level, more than 2,000 students apply for the Governor’s Scholars Program each year, but only 1,000 are selected in this highly competitive program that includes Kentucky’s best and brightest. However, first, the student must make it through a selection process at the district level. 

At DeSales, the process begins in September with a parent meeting for all interested junior, sophomore, and freshmen families. Applications are released in September and rate students in the categories of academics, awards, extracurricular activities and work experience, recommendations, and writing. Applicants meet in November to peer edit their essays before the December final draft deadline.  

Over the past three years, 13 of the 19 students who have competed at the Archdiocesan level have been accepted to the state program.