COVID-19 Update: Online Learning Plan March 16-27

Below is important information regarding online instruction over the next two weeks.  We thank the staff, faculty, students, and their parents for their continued patience and understanding as we work through this together.  We are blessed to have an amazing team of teachers who are ready to continue providing meaningful lessons and we are blessed to have young men who are willing to engage in the online learning options provided.  Please let us know if you have any questions.    

Attendance - Students are expected to do their online work each day for each class.  They are required to check in with each class by 12 pm using the discussion board for that day/class on the following days.  Parents should contact the school immediately if your son does not have wifi or is ill and cannot do the work. We will work with you on a case by case basis to ensure the student is able to continue learning.  All work must be completed by 5 pm. Our leaders have asked that students stay home rather than gathering in groups, therefore, this is not a day for students to go to work instead of school. 

Week 1: 

March 16 - Off (Campus closed for cleaning)

March 17 - Off (Campus closed for disinfecting)

March 18 - Online Instruction

March 19 - Online Instruction

March 20 -Online Instruction


Week 2: 

March 23 - Off (make-up work)

March 24 - Online Instruction

March 25 - Online Instruction

March 26 - Online Instruction

March 27 - Off (make-up work)

Assignments - Teachers will post assignments no later than 10 am and students must turn in the completed assignments before 5 pm.  Teachers understand that this is a great deal of online work and are using the days prior to online instruction to be sure that students are given reasonable, engaging, enriching, and meaningful assignments to continue their instruction and move them forward with learning.  Students must check in to each class using that class’s discussion board by 12:00 pm for attendance. Teachers will be available via Schoology or email until 3 pm daily.  

Assignments will vary from class to class but have the same layout - a folder for the online days, and another for daily attendance and assignments.  Some assignments may be longer, but span over several days with a check-in on how the assignment is going as part of the discussion board. 

Accommodations - Students with a Student Accommodation Plan (SAP) will still have accommodations and we have been working on alternative delivery methods as needed as well as extended time.  We will work with students on an individual basis.  

Illness - If the student is ill and cannot do the work, a parent must call the school by 9:00 am.  If the student is ill for 3 or more days, they must send a copy of the doctor’s note. 

No WiFi -  If the student does not have access to WiFi, Spectrum and Charter have agreed to install and enable WiFi in your home or provide hotspots beginning March 16th.  Contact them directly at 1-844-488-8395 to have this completed by March 18th. If this is an issue, please contact the school immediately so that we can work on a solution with you. 

Make-up Work - We have built in a Make-Up workday every 3 days to allow students who may have fallen behind to catch up on missed work.  If a student is unable to complete work on an assigned day, he should proactively email the teacher and explain why. All regular school policies will still apply to late work unless excused.  Students who are caught up do not need to turn in any work or check in on this day.  

We will keep parents and guardians informed of how/if days will need to be made up and when we will return if it changes from April 6.  If this does change, we will determine the steps necessary as the situation progresses.  We appreciate your understanding as we all work to make the best of this situation.  

Office Hours
During this time, DeSales High School will offer office hours of 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. for essential duties. It is suggested to contact individuals by email or phone. Please see our staff and faculty contact page for this information.