COVID-19: Volunteer Service Hours Update

In times of crisis like this, it is important that we respond with compassion and love. For that reason, we are making adjustments to the service program to enable all students to fulfill their service requirements and respond as necessary to our changing world. 

I have reached out to local social service agencies and requested ways that our students can connect with their mission while remaining at home. I have compiled a list of “Distance Service Opportunities” that range from making videos of yourself reading children's books, to writing letters, making cards, or doing online service for a variety of organizations. I am sharing this information in a Google document for you to access. As I receive other opportunities from agencies I will continue to update the list.

If you discover a service opportunity that can be completed at home through a nonprofit agency that is not listed, please email Ms. Maguire-Osting with the details for approval. She will field these opportunities on an individual basis. Opportunities must follow DeSales’ General Rules for Service Opportunities.  In a nutshell, this means opportunities would require completing service with nonprofit organizations rather than individuals, open to all students and verifiable by an agency representative (that you are not related to). The link to DeSales General Rules for Service is available for your reference at the bottom of this communication. We look forward to adding to our list as our community shares other opportunities. 

For the time the government is recommending social distancing we will be removing the type of agency requirements for the grade levels. This will allow all students to perform any of the service opportunities that have been shared. 

Due to the major adjustments, we have all been making, and the loss of Immersion we are also extending the service deadline. All grade levels service will be due April 30. As always, please log your hours as you complete them, rather than waiting until the due date to log them. This allows agency representatives ample time to verify the hours. 

If you are completing hours to meet your past year's requirements, be sure to indicate this by only logging them under the organization “Make Up Hours.” 

I look forward to seeing how you are able to out your love and compassion during this strange time we are living through. As always please reach out to Mrs. Maguire-Osting if you have questions or need help logging your hours. She is happy to offer assistance through email, phone or video chat. 


Links for Reference

-Distance Service Opportunities: 

-DeSales General Rules for All Service Opportunities: 

-How to address an envelope.

-Suggestions for cards and letters.