Academic Update: April 7, 2020

Nontraditional Instruction: Online Learning

What does this look like moving forward?
  • M,W,F - Teachers use digital tools and flipped classrooms to continue meaningful instruction addressing course objectives and learning targets for the day/week.  

    • Includes lectures, assignments, projects, labs, quizzes, tests, etc.  

  • T,TH - Teachers host class gatherings to chat, answer questions, and check-in (4 blocks each day - you do not need to report for lunch).

    • T - Classes A, B, C, and D

    • TH - Classes E, F, G, H

Returning to the Classroom
As recommended by Gov. Andy Beshear, DeSales High School will cease in-class instruction through May 1. As the COVID-19 situation is monitored we will continue to review the in-class opening date.