Hyland Family Scholarship Established

The difference Catholic education makes is immeasurable, and no one knows that better than the Hyland Family. With four brothers who graduated from DeSales (Tim ’66, Tom ’68, Dan ’71, and Pat ’72), the lessons they learned made a difference in their lives and careers.

Realizing the importance that Catholic education provides today, Tim Hyland ’66 established the Hyland Family Scholarship in 2020 as a way to pay it forward.

“When I started at DeSales in 1962, I was the oldest of seven children that were ten years apart. We could not afford the tuition, and someone from the community helped me attend DeSales. My family would like to pay that favor forward. As such, we want to help a family who needs financial help to get their son into DeSales. Without tuition assistance, I would not have attended DeSales and neither would have my brothers,” said Tim.

For the Hyland family, DeSales has been much more than just a school. It has been a community of friends with a common heritage that has lived on for more than 54 years in their family. “We want students today to have that same DeSales experience, including that of Catholic education. Catholic education is even more important to all of us today than ever before. With churches less attended these days, the schools are where young people can learn about Christian values and Christian living. The loss of Catholic education would be a tremendous blow to the mission of Christianity in today’s world,” continued Tim.

The Hyland family encourages all of their DeSales alumni brothers to consider “paying it forward,” so young men can continue in their journey to become a DeSales graduate.

If you would like to contribute to the Hyland Family Scholarship or to DeSales financial aid, please contact Misty Scurlock at 502-883-2438 or donate online on the DeSales website and utilize the “optional note” to direct your donation.