Get to Know Ms. Erin Maguire-Osting, Campus Minister

Ms. Erin Maguire-Osting started at DeSales as a theology teacher in 2016 and transitioned to become the campus minister in 2018, but her history goes back further than that. Ms. Maguire-Osting is the daughter of Kevin Maguire ‘69, sister of Kiernan Maguire ‘06, wife of Andrew Osting ‘03, and sister-in-law of Craig McGrath ‘98. It was because of those family connections that made the decision easy to come to DeSales. “I knew it was the kind of place I wanted to work. I believe in the small school Catholic environment and the opportunities it brings students, so I wanted to be a part of that,” said Ms. Maguire-Osting.

In her role as campus minister, Ms. Maguire-Osting plans the freshmen and sophomore days of reflection and the junior and senior retreats. “I love going on retreats with our students. While retreats are an exhausting endeavor, it’s all worth it when I get to see our students as the best version of themselves when they really lean in to the activities,” she said.

Fun Facts about Ms. Maguire-Osting

What is your motto or personal mantra? 

I try to live by the St. Francis Assisi quote, “Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary, use words.”

If you could switch roles with anyone at DeSales, who would it be and why? 

Nobody because I have the best job in the school. 

What would others be surprised to find out about you? 

I am a field hockey official. I’ve been doing it for over 15 years. My fall weekends are filled with driving to colleges across the region, officiating, and driving back. 

How do you spend your summer breaks? 

I spend most of my summer preparing for field hockey season and planning a fundraiser for my parish. 

How do you think the students will remember you and your class? 

I hope from the Campus Ministry programs at DeSales our students learn to live their faith. I want them to remember the lessons of empathy, understanding, and most importantly, to make their decisions based on love for their neighbor. If I can leave that with our students from my classes and programs, I think I’ll have done my job.