Get to Know Justin Lewis '05, Director of Admissions

As Justin Lewis ‘05 travels to Catholic primary schools throughout Louisville each fall to speak to 7th and 8th-grade students, he opens the conversation the same. After introducing himself, he says, “Say, Hello, Mr. Lewis!” To which the students repeat, “Hello, Mr. Lewis!” The introduction he makes is important because it establishes one key element of being a DeSales man, respect.

As a 2005 graduate of DeSales, Mr. Lewis has the unique opportunity as the director of admissions to help students and families when they are in the process of choosing a Catholic high school. “Giving back to my alma mater has been extremely fulfilling on a professional and emotional level. DeSales has given me so much in my life, and it is always an honor to showcase the greatness of this community on a daily basis,” said Mr. Lewis.

Initially hired in 2012 as the associate director of alumni relations, Mr. Lewis worked directly with alumni to get involved with DeSales. After taking the reins of the school’s admissions efforts in 2014, he changed focus to make future grads through enrollment by working with families throughout the Jefferson County area to give them the information they need to choose DeSales. “Seeing students from so many different areas of town receive a DeSales education is pretty special,” said Mr. Lewis. 

Thanks to initiatives led by Mr. Lewis, 2020 was a record-breaking spring for 7th-grade students shadowing, even in the midst of being closed for the COVID-19 pandemic. We can’t wait to see what this year will bring!

Fun Facts About Mr. Lewis

What do you see DeSales doing in the future to make an impact on students and/or the community? 

Our recent strategic planning committee will soon tell! 

Why should alumni and friends support DeSales?

DeSales has given me so much in my life - from my education, my father’s education, my social awareness, and even meeting my wife! It is a pleasure to see it continue to give these young men the same values many years later. It continues to give to them because we give to it. 

What is your biggest achievement to date? 

Performing an original score with the Louisville Orchestra at Iroquois Amphitheater was a big achievement for me.

What is your hidden talent?

 While it is not always hidden, I love to perform music anywhere, everywhere, all the time! 

If you could switch roles with anyone at DeSales, who would it be and why? 

Junior Sekou Kalle - I want to be able to dunk a basketball. 

What would others be surprised to find out about you? 

I am more introverted than I let on! 

How do you spend your summer breaks? 

I spend summers with my wife, son, and music!

If you could take the students on a field trip anywhere in the world, where would you take them? Japan. I’ve always wanted to go, so I might as well take the Colts along with me!