Oliverio Family Scholarship Established

When Robert and Karen Oliverio set up the Oliverio Family Scholarship in 2020 it was to give other young men the same opportunity afforded to their children, Dominick ’96, Roger ’00, Casandra (Holy Cross ‘08), and Heather (Holy Cross ‘02). All four children graduated from Catholic high schools and went on to graduate from college and universities.

 “We believe in the value of a private Catholic education, and we want to help other families benefit in the same way our family has,” said Robert Oliverio. “A lot of our best memories, as a family, came during the eight years our boys were at DeSales. The environment we sent them to each day made a difference. The teachers, coaches, and everyone had a positive impact on the person they each chose to become. They now have thriving families and meaningful careers based in part on the experiences, education, and values instilled in them at DeSales,” continued Robert.

 The Oliverios know that there are many fine young men in our community who what to attend DeSales but must attend a public school for financial reasons. Through the Oliverio Family Scholarship, their goal is to help as many young men as they can for as long as possible. “We know how hard it is to make ends meet, and a little help can be the difference between a DeSales education or a public school,” said Robert.

Robert doesn’t want any young man who wishes to attend DeSales be denied the opportunity to excel here because they are unable to afford tuition. Going to DeSales brings new opportunities that other schools cannot provide. “I believe that a person’s life can turn out completely different if he must attend a public school instead of DeSales,” said Robert. The importance of faith, brotherhood, and community at DeSales, and the reinforcement of how important your religion can be in your daily life is so important in Catholic education.


If you would like to contribute to the Oliverio Family Scholarship or to DeSales financial aid, please contact Misty Scurlock at 502-883-2438 or donate online on the DeSales website and utilize the “optional note” to direct your donation.