Scott Medley '93 Introduced as Newest Chairman of the Alumni Association Board

Hello Brothers:

I’m excited and honored to follow Charlie Tewell ‘80 as the chairman of the DeSales Alumni Association Board of Directors! Charlie’s example as a true servant leader, along with a number of past leaders who held this role, set a high bar. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve with Charlie, and I look forward to advancing the mission of this Association. When you see Charlie Tewell, Jerry Murphy, or any of our past presidents, please thank them for their dedication.  We all share a singular goal: we want our school to succeed.

I’m a 1993 graduate. My father is a ’65 grad, Hall of Honors member, past principal and teacher.  As a kid, I can remember sliding down the grass hills at “home” football games, the brown and white mural in the gym, the bonfire, TP Tree, and running money to the teacher’s lounge during picnics. Some of my fondest memories are shared with my classmates at post-game tailgates, the Danger Zone (we created it!), writing pep rally skits at Tim Burke’s house and performing them in the gym, serving on the student council, and on and on. The bonds of Brotherhood that were forged in the classrooms and strengthened in our work (play) together are permanent. I see our mission in the Alumni Association to further that bond in our support of every successive graduating class. I have loved this school for my entire life, and it is my absolute honor to continue to serve in this capacity.

My term will run through the summer of 2022 and although these last few months of 2020 have felt like decades, I’m certain this role will fly by. To that end, we have work to do, a school to support, students to help, and a community to foster.  Our mission of support will not change. We are an arm of the school, and we serve to advance the mission of the school.  

The Board of Directors is made up of a number of dedicated leaders, some of whom I’ve known since I was a kid. I respect their opinions and their passion for DeSales. It’s an honor to have them on the Board and I look forward to serving with them.

In the coming weeks, we will elect a new vice chairman and secretary.  Next year, the initial 3-year-term for all Board Directors will expire, and we will stagger their second terms to foster overlap of the future Directors. Opportunities to serve are abundant. This year notwithstanding, we support Alumni Golf Scramble, Trivia Night, class reunions, Golden Legacy Breakfast, Phonathon, Men’s Retreat, Hall of Honors Dinner, Day at the Downs, Veterans Memorial growth, etc.  Each of these events require dedicated alumni to volunteer their time. You will hear more about each as they approach. We are committed to making these opportunities known so you can participate as you see fit.

We are proud to see some past work pay dividends. The Alumni Association is responsible for the one-to-one student-to-technology relationship. That, combined with the school’s dedication to technology growth on the campus, facilitated a smooth transition to an at-home learning environment at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The 2020-21 school year is continuing to utilize technology to a major advantage by combining at-home and in-class learning. DeSales is a leader in this area, and you should be proud of how your school is representing you. The good news of the school is much greater than this letter can summarize. The Advancement staff will continue their communications as they have done in the past.

Thank you for your support.

Scott Medley ‘93

Chairman, DeSales Alumni Association