Get to Know Kari Ogle, Theology Teacher

When Kari Ogle joined DeSales in 2019 as a theology instructor, it wasn’t her first time stepping through the school’s doors. “I chose to work at DeSales because of the positive interaction I had with the faculty and staff through my son as a student [Justin ‘21],” said Ms. Ogle.  


Now, as a faculty member in the theology department, Ms. Ogle teaches social justice, morality, and the mission of Christ and the mission of Christ in the Church. “I love seeing and encouraging students to become independent thinkers!” she says. 


While she teaches social justice, she has also walked the talk. “I think others would be surprised that I lobbied in Washington, DC, regarding domestic violence laws and funding. I am very proud of my work with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence because working for social justice has always been of utmost importance to me,” said Ms. Ogle.



Fun Facts

Personal Motto: Life is not a race, but a journey to be savored each step of the way!


Why did you choose to work at DeSales? 

I LOVE the fact that DeSales isn’t archaic about how to teach. They encourage creative instruction in the classroom.  


What is your proudest moment at DeSales?  

Without a doubt, it has been seeing my students get excited to see me outside of the classroom at games, dances, or at the mall. They love to introduce me to their girlfriends or parents. Students often invite me to their extracurricular activities, and I am always happy to be there encouraging them. We, truthfully, are a family at DeSales!


What is your biggest achievement to date - personal or professional?  

My biggest accomplishment to date has been adopting older children from foster care and seeing them achieve successful attachment with our family. It’s amazing to see them happy and to feel our bond.