Mrs. P. Scholarship Announced - Honors Laura Pohlmann, Learning Resources Coordinator

Laura Pohlmann has worked tirelessly at DeSales as the Learning Resources Coordinator inspiring students since 2006. As an honor to her dedication, we are proud to announce the Mrs. P. Scholarship as established by her son, Jackson.

“Mom has selflessly dedicated herself to the DeSales family and in working with students with learning disabilities. Her passion and pride in the work she does with her students inspires me to look at the world through someone else’s eyes. I can’t imagine a better way to return the favor and continue “Mrs. P’s” legacy of acceptance, passion, care, and patience going for many years to come!” said Jackson.

Over the years, Jackson has seen his mom work diligently to help those who see the world differently. “Seeing her interact with special needs students gives me a greater appreciation for all of those simple things many others like me may take for granted. It also inspired me not to disregard people who may be different but to ask questions and seek a greater understanding of those differences. DeSales welcomed my mom and our family with open arms, and I am excited to take this first step to serve the students and DeSales community,” he continued.

The Mrs. P. Scholarship will not only honor the work Mrs. Pohlmann does every day, but it will give students with learning differences access to education and resources so that they can fulfill their dreams, grow, and become the best version of their self.

The Mrs. P. Scholarship will be awarded for the 2021-2022 school year.