Student Schedule Update

As you know, there has been a significant increase in positive COVID-19 cases and resulting quarantines in Catholic schools along with a growing number of cases in our community.

With thanks to God, our school has remained a safe place with no cases originating or spread within the school, however, challenges are anticipated in the coming weeks following Thanksgiving with meeting the needs of those quarantining due to infection or exposure.  

The Archdiocese, in consultation with the health department, has therefore recommended extending the holiday buffer to include remote learning Monday, Nov. 30 through Friday, Dec. 18.  They are still recommending the one-week buffer of remote learning Jan 5-8th.  Faculty and Staff will continue to work in the school at this time.  Our schedule through Nov 23rd will not change.  The practice ACT will still be given on the 23rd, however, a pre-addressed, pre-paid envelope will be included for return.  

We are happy that we have been able to offer in-person education since August - it has made a huge difference in the learning and educational experience for our students.  We are committed to engaging them fully, enriching their learning, and bringing brightness to their day.   

Thank you for all that you do and for getting us to this point.  Without your dedication and willingness to follow the protocols we have in place, we would not have been this successful.  

We look forward to having students here next week.  Again, our schedule will not change to online only until after Thanksgiving break.  Here’s a breakdown of the coming days:

Nov 16 - All students sign-in online, check email and Schoology and meet with teachers for intervention as needed.  

Nov 17 - DeSales Live! Cohort B in school, Cohort A online

Nov 18 - DHS (Students at home from 9-12) and Intervention as needed.

Nov 19 - DeSales Live! Cohort A in school, Cohort B online

Nov 20 - DeSales Live! Cohort B in school, Cohort A online

Nov 23 - All students grades 9-11 (some 12) sign in with assigned teacher’s zoom class for the ACT practice test by 7:55am.  The test will take about 4 hours. 

Nov 24-28 - Thanksgiving Break

Nov 30 - DeSales Live! All students online through Jan 8.  

We will continue the schedule with all classes via Zoom on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri with Wednesday reserved for DHS and Intervention.