Tips for a Successful Shadow Day

DeSales High School Shadow Days are a great opportunity for students to experience a typical day on campus. Students are paired with a DeSales student based on their interests.

Shadowing at DeSales allows the prospective student to experience student life and can often be the tipping point in choosing DeSales for your high school home.

One of the best ways to learn more about DeSales is to be immersed in a normal day on campus. Students in the eighth-grade year are invited to spend a day with a DeSales student by shadowing in the fall while seventh-grade students may shadow in the spring. Here are a few tips as you prepare for your shadow day.

Tips for a Successful Shadow Day

Get to Know Your Shadow Guide

DeSales students are the best people to ask about academics, athletics, clubs and more. Most DeSales students play at least one sport and many play multiple sports in addition to being involved in several extracurricular activities. Not only will you learn more about DeSales when asking questions, but you will also find out that you may have a lot in common with your DeSales student guide.

Be Open To Learning

At the core of a DeSales education is academic achievement and post-secondary preparation such as college, trade school or straight to the workforce readiness. DeSales is preparing students for their life beyond high school all while in a faith-based setting. You may find that you don’t understand what the instructor is teaching, but don’t worry, just soak it all in and know that you won’t take any quizzes or tests! In fact, we are sure you will learn a thing or two to impress your friends when you return to your home school.


At DeSales we encourage each student to “Be You!” This is our way of saying to be yourself. Each student is unique in their interests, goals, and achievements, and we know you are too. Introduce yourself to the students you meet and let them get to know you.

Ask Questions

During a shadow day we know you’ll uncover exciting info on classes, friends, sports, traditions, and clubs. Be sure to ask questions of your student guide, teachers and any school administrator throughout the day. We are here to provide you with information to make your high school selection easier. 

Take your first step to becoming a DeSales Colt by scheduling your shadow day

To learn more about DeSales High School and how your son can experience everything offered, please contact the Director of Admissions Justin Lewis ‘05 at (502) 883-4939.