Students Accepted to Governor's Scholars Program and Commonwealth Honors Academy

Governor's Scholars: Congratulations to Reese Bizzell, Becket Johnson, Joseph Randolph, and Caden Sumner who were all accepted based on the extensive application process.  Attendees have a chance to earn thousands in scholarships from in-state schools.  
Commonwealth Honors Academy: We also had three juniors accepted to the Commonwealth Honors Academy at Murray State.  Kaden Burton, Josiah Jones, and Ethan Wheatley will spend three weeks on MSU's campus this summer attending classes for college credit, participating in community seminars, and living like college students.  With a 25 on the ACT, they can all earn a full ride to MSU.  Zachary Miller, Aiden Kelley, and Caden Sumner were all selected as alternates.