Immersion Week Begins March 25th

DeSales High School is thrilled to announce its annual Immersion Week Program, a highly anticipated, integral part of the academic calendar that sees the entire student body engage in out-of-the-classroom experiences and activities. 


Scheduled the week before spring break, Immersion Week offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to immerse themselves in experiences that range from culinary adventures to service to the community and trips around the world. With 100% participation, students eagerly anticipate this week-long break from the traditional classroom setting to explore new horizons, both near and far.


“Immersion Week is a passion project created by both faculty and students. With DeSales’ size, we benefit from being able to offer something unique to our students, helping them find passions, careers, and experiences you can’t find in a traditional school day,” says Assistant Principal, Aaron Gottbrath ‘06.  “To be able to offer this every year for so many years has been a blessing.” 


This year’s lineup of experiences includes:

  • Tours of England and Scotland
  • Chicago Adventure
  • Louisville Food & Tourism Study - will allow students to visit the Brown Hotel, Omni Hotel, Slugger Museum, Slugger Field and more!
  • D.I.Y. Experiences - where students learn to “Do It Yourself” with home repairs.
  • 502 History & Culture - tours of historical and cultural sites in Louisville. 
  • Golfing Life - Behind the Scenes of Golf Pros - playing local golf courses and simulators to learn how they operate. 
  • STEAM Exploration - exploring careers in science and the arts. 
  • Video Game Innovations - studying video game design in DeSales’s Gaming Innovations Lab. 
  • Careers in Law & Justice - will take students to local courtrooms & an LMPD helicopter experience on campus. 
  • Photography - meeting with professional photographers to learn about the art and careers in photography. 
  • Colts in Action - Service in the Community - a full week of service with Catholic Charities and other local nonprofits. 
  • Careers in Trade & Vocations - exploring welding, plumbing, and electrical careers at local trade unions. 
  • DeSales AMP’d - experiencing rock climbing and hiking in Jefferson Memorial Forest and Climb Nulu. 

Each Immersion Week experience integrates academic and service components, fostering a holistic learning and personal development approach. Students acquire new knowledge and skills and contribute to our communities and causes, locally and globally.