STEM Certification


DeSales High School is a leader in educational and technological innovation in the city of Louisville. The school's award-winning Teach-nology Program, a 1:1 technology initiative started in 2004, pioneered a new approach for high schools to provide individual technology devices to all students and faculty.

The school's unprecedented commitment to technology in the everyday life of the DeSales student continues today. In 2013, DeSales began its transition from IBM Thinkpads to Apple iPads, providing all faculty and incoming students with the newest iPad version.

Components of the Campus Technology & STEM Program include:

  • State-of-the-art STEM Center includes basic to advanced robotics, augmented reality ZSpace Computers, Video & Film Green Room, 3D Printing, and more. 
  • 1:1 Technology Device – Each freshman at DeSales receives an Apple iPad fresh out of the box, which they can utilize from the moment they enroll in school and keep after their graduation.
  • Campus-wide high-speed wireless internet and technical support from the helpful IT Department.
  • Emphasis on the integration of technology into all of the classrooms in order to increase technology utilization by teachers and students, ultimately enhancing the teaching and learning experience for everyone.
  • Providing effective ideas, strategies, and knowledge for integrating technology into the classroom in order to differentiate instruction and establish student-centered, engaging, and interactive learning environments.
  • Teacher and student access to an on-site STEM Integration Specialist, who assists with all educational technology utilization and integration needs.
  • Development of the Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP).