Course Catalog CoverDeSales High School is a STEM-certified school that develops the unique talents and abilities of its students by providing a variety of learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. 

The personalized programs of study at DeSales have been designed to provide students with courses that challenge and complement their individual abilities and interests.  DeSales takes pride in its national STEM certification & recognition, allowing every student to be hands-on within every classroom. Immersion Week offers students experiences outside the classroom to show that learning is a life-long process that happens in a variety of settings.

Students who need additional academic help can take advantage of the Learning Resources office, which supports specifically those who are challenged with a particular learning difficulty.

STEM Certified College-Preparatory Catholic School

DeSales High School is a STEM-certified college-preparatory Catholic school that is committed to the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical growth of its students.  We provide challenging, engaging studies in a personalized learning environment, giving special attention to the academic and social needs of each individual student. Embracing high standards of character, commitment, and achievement, DeSales encourages students to think critically and creatively and to act ethically. To these ends, DeSales utilizes proven and effective modes of instruction to educate each individual.

Blended Block Schedule


For the 23-24 school year, DeSales High School has adopted a new blended block schedule, integrating both 45-minute classes and block-based learning. On regular days, students experience a diverse schedule with alternating class times, promoting adaptability. Twice a month, the school hosts "Block Schedule Project-Based Learning Days" with extended class periods for immersive, hands-on activities and in-depth subject exploration. This innovative schedule combines the strengths of both formats, providing students with a well-rounded, engaging education that prepares them for success in a changing world. 

Programs of Study

In order to meet the needs of its diverse student population, DeSales has designed three Programs of Study.  Students, in consultation with their parents and the Student Services Team, will select from one of the following Programs of Study at the end of freshman year:

DeSales High School College Preparatory Education

Honors Program

The Honors Program is designed to provide students the academic background they will need to be successful in a college or university setting and to allow those students the opportunity to gain college credit while still enrolled in high school. Honors Program students are expected to enroll in a minimum of six Honors level courses and enroll in a minimum of four College Board endorsed Advanced Placement courses or dual credit courses. In addition to the Kentucky Core Curriculum and the opportunity to participate in AP or dual credit courses, the Honors Program requires a minimum of three years of the same world language study with the option of the fourth year of study. Students who demonstrate strength in the areas of reading, language, and mathematics will benefit the most from the Honors Program of Study. Students in the Honors Program have the ability to graduate with 45 college credit hours. 

Scholastic Program

The Scholastic Program is designed for students who demonstrate average or above-average proficiency in the areas of reading, language, and mathematics. The program is designed to ensure that students earn the required credits prescribed in the Kentucky Core Curriculum, in addition to a minimum of two years of the same world language study. The Kentucky Core Curriculum courses and the two-year minimum world language study requirement will prepare students in the Scholastic Program to pursue post-secondary education at both two and four-year colleges and universities.

Academic Program

The Academic Program is designed for students who may need additional academic support to experience success during their high school career. Students in the Academic Program may be planning to attend a technical college, community college, or another form of post-secondary training upon graduation from high school. This program ensures that students earn the required credits prescribed in the Kentucky Core Curriculum.

Interested in hearing more?  Please contact Assistant Principal Aaron Gottbrath at (502) 368-6519.