Immersion Week


Click here to view an Immersion Week informational video. 

Immersion Week is a unique program at DeSales that provides high-interest, hands-on, interactive learning outside of the normal classroom experience.  Teachers work together to craft meaningful experiences for the students.  Significant time and planning goes into making these experiences spark the curiosity and interest of students.

Recent Immersion Week activities have included trips abroad to England, Spain, and Italy, excursions to Boston, Philadelphia and the Grand Canyon, college tours, career exploration in law enforcement and sports, and more.

Recent Immersion Week Offerings: 

  • England, Ireland (Spring 2024)
  • Chicago Tour (Spring 2024)
  • Louisville Tourism 
  • Exploring Kentucky 
  • Handyman 101
  • Ghostbusters 
  • STEM Immersion
  • True Crime - Forensics
  • Culture Shock
  • Crash Course in Cooking
  • College Roadshow
  • & more!