A program of retreats is provided for all students at DeSales. Freshmen and sophomore "Days of Renewal" are mandatory for all students, while the junior and senior retreats are optional.

Freshman Day of Reflection

All freshmen are required to attend their freshman day of renewal. The focus of the day is community.  An emphasis is placed on faith development, brotherhood, and the traditions of DeSales High School.

Sophomore Day of Reflection

All sophomores are required to attend the sophomore retreat, which consists of a day of team-building at Jefferson Memorial Forest.  The focus of the sophomore day of renewal is trust.

Junior Retreat

The Junior Retreat is an inner-city service experience through Crossroads Ministry.  Students have the opportunity to encounter Christ through individuals of different ethnicity, socio-economic status, ages and ability.  Students discover for themselves what it means to follow Christ, be Christ for others, and see Christ in others.

Senior Retreat

All seniors have the option of making their ‘Christian Awakening’ senior retreat. The retreat is a three-day experience held at Mount Saint Francis Retreat Center in Indiana that provides time for personal reflection and group sharing, focusing on the students’ relationship with self, family/friends, and Christ.