The Theology Department supports the vision statement of DeSales High School by guiding students to be “competent, concerned, responsible and ethical builders of God’s kingdom” and true disciples of Christ.

The department is committed to the interpretation and articulation of the Catholic tradition and to the fostering of reflection and praxis concerning all aspects of Catholic Christianity.  By supporting the work of Campus Ministry and offering a curriculum that is academically rigorous and spiritually enriching, the department hopes to bring students to a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith and a strengthening and enhancing of their spiritual life in harmony with their overall intellectual, critical, and social development.

DeSales High School Theology Department

The goals of the Theology Department include assisting students to:

  • Articulate the basic teachings of the Church in light of the USCCB’s curriculum framework and the whole of the Church’s tradition;
  • Develop a personal relationship with God and an appreciation for a variety of prayer forms in addition to the prayer of the sacraments;
  • Discern their identity as Catholic adults, including their responsibilities to their parish and community;
  • Carry out their role in the Body of Christ and engage in solidarity with their fellow human beings.