1956 Society

DeSales 1956 SocietySince 1956, DeSales High School has helped build strong foundations of success for its graduates. For many alumni, the gift of a Catholic high school education has been one that has paid dividends for a lifetime.  

In 2014, DeSales announced the creation of The 1956 Society. The 1956 Society recognizes alumni and friends in the community who want to give back to DeSales, and who have made the thoughtful decision to so by making a legacy gift, through a will, trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy, or life-income gift.

Membership in the 1956 Society is entirely voluntary, and there is no immediate gift, minimum gift level, or minimum age required to become a member.

In advance of the publication of the 2019 Donor Impact Report, DeSales is compiling a list of those individuals in the community who have already made DeSales a beneficiary in their estate planning.

If you have recently included DeSales in your will, please contact us and allow us to celebrate your generosity by listing your name in the 2019 Annual Report along with the others so far who have made the decision to support DeSales in this special way. You may also remain anonymous, if you so choose.

Your gift is a choice today that will have an impact on the DeSales of tomorrow - and on generations of DeSales students to come. If you haven't already, we encourage you to consider your own legacy and contact DeSales to discover how you can realize your philanthropic goals.

Director of Advancement
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