DeSales High School is proud to be one of Kentucky's only nationally STEM certified schools

The Business and Technology Department enriches the educational experience of our students by preparing them for the utilization of technology in college and career.  We equip them with the skills necessary to be ethical and savvy users of technology, enabling them to be successful throughout their personal and professional life experiences.

The Business and Technology Department empowers students to:

  • Demonstrate proficient knowledge and skills in the frequent application and utilization of technologies, including computers, programs, devices, and the Internet.
  • Successfully utilize a variety of technologies to access, interpret, analyze, apply, synthesize, and communicate information.
  • Comprehend important issues of a technology-based society and the necessity of applying safe and ethical standards when planning, using, and evaluating technology.
  • Apply appropriate technologies to critical thinking, creative expression, and decision-making skills.
  • Embrace the belief and significance of being flexible, lifelong learners as technology is dynamic, evolving, and an increasingly necessary element of every life experience.
DeSales Technology STEM Lab AdvancED Certified