Top 5 Ways to Plan Your High School Experience

A student's high school years are often looked back on as a happy time and one that many would repeat again if given the opportunity. With so many options, DeSales High School students are able to choose what their high school experience looks like. Whether a student wants to focus on excelling in academics, athletics, or getting involved in a variety of clubs and activities, high school can be a huge learning experience that not only prepares a young man for a lifetime academically but socially and emotionally as well.

Top 5 Ways to Plan Your High School Experience


Students find their niche at DeSales High School through academic classes that prepare one for post-secondary education and the workforce. Be it engineering, medicine, technology, or another of the many focuses available for students, the ability to choose a personalized education is one that can benefit a student as they prepare for college and the years ahead. DeSales supports students at all academic levels. From students who plan to take dual credit college classes, to students who may struggle with learning differences in the classroom. 

Extracurricular Activities

Getting involved through after-school activities is an excellent way to get to know your DeSales High School brothers, learn the importance of teamwork and understand the importance of both winning and losing. DeSales offers more than 25 clubs and activities, intramural sports, and 16 KHSAA athletic sports. Most DeSales students find that a variety of extracurricular activities leads to a well-rounded high school experience.

Community Involvement

The importance of giving back is formed in the pivotal high school years when a student can understand the impact that their time can make in the lives of others. Through the DeSales Service Learning Program, students can “Live Jesus.” This experience encourages each student to live out what they are learning in the classroom. 

Spiritual Growth 

One's spiritual journey continues throughout a lifetime. The high school years are formidable for spiritual growth. Students at DeSales experience an education that goes beyond the typical studies to include theological teachings. With monthly all-school mass and class-only mass, along with yearly class retreats, a faith-based education centered in God’s teaching and moral justice lets students experience spiritual growth during their four years at DeSales High School.

Bonds of Brotherhood

The bonds of brotherhood formed while at DeSales cannot be broken. Fellow students become lifelong friends and are often referred to as “brothers” long after graduation day. Through class retreats, the DeSales House System, and by nature of our right-sized classes, students get to know one another in a way that leads to strong bonds.

To learn more about DeSales High School and how your son can experience everything offered, please contact the Director of Admissions Justin Lewis ‘05 at (502) 883-4939.